Dancing Feather - Yoga und Tanz
Dancing Feather - Yoga und Tanz

Über mich

I like to spread the joy and beauty, that yoga and dance can bring!




Ich bin Monika, Kundalini Yogalehrerin und Shakti Dance Lehrerin, und biete Einzelbehandlungen in der Heilkunst Sat Nam Rasayan an.
Yoga ist ein wundervoller Weg, meine indianischen Wurzeln mit östlicher Weisheit zu verbinden. Ich unterrichte mit viel Freude auf internationalen Workshops und Retreats in Gomera, Schweden, Kanada und praktiziere seit 20 Jahren regelmäßig in Berlin.


Seminarhäuser und Veranstalter können mich gerne buchen, folgende Richtungen biete ich an:

Kundalini Yoga


Shakti Dance - The Yoga of Dance




Unfolding Harmony, Health & Joy in Mind, Body and Spirit

- flowing Yoga Dance Exercises

- Prana and Energy Work

- Intuitive Dance

- Deep Relaxation

- Mantric Choreographie

- Meditation


Adi Shakti, or the Great Goddess Shakti, iss the One Creative Power of Spirit. However her energy and animating force manifests in many different ways. In order to contact and relate to her different qualitie and modes of expression, it is possible to tune into the different female goddesees adociated with these specific qualities. In this way we can develop these qualities in ourselves, both in our practice of dance a well as in our daily lives. Ultimately making them a part of our most itimate nature.


Relating with the different female goddesses helps to create a personal relationship and deeper understanding of the cosmic reality of Shakti.


Come and melt with your goddess of the Divine.