Dancing Feather - Yoga und Tanz
Dancing Feather - Yoga und Tanz

new dates are following for Svendborg


Morning yoga and QiGong by Ulla Steen
Kundalini Yoga and Shakti dance by Monika Hantke. 
One of the best moments was the meeting with Monika Hantke. A woman with a very strong charisma and an exceptional talented Kundalini teacher who besides teaching Kundalini Yoga also practices Shakti dance.
As a Scandinavian we do find it hard to loosen up and give in to this dance - maybe it´s the cold weather - and we do find it awkward being in the presence of this native Indian woman, who moves as light as a feather in the wind.
But she managed to engage all people and soon we were moving and dancing along with gentle Yoga moves and the whole crowd became one big beautiful wave of dancing Yogis.
Best of all; Studio Flow has invited Monika to Denmark, Svendborg and she will be here

The program will be the following:
Morning yoga and QiGong by Ulla Steen
 Kundalini Yoga and Shakti dance by Monika Hantke.
2 days with lots of spirituality and sensuality - an amazing opportunity to get introduced to your inner self!
For more detailed information regarding the program, location and price will be published sooner to the date. However it will be a good idea to sign up asap, since we have experienced a huge interest for this work shop!
Studio Flow and Monika Hantke looks very much forward to welcoming you to Svendborg!
Ulla Steen
 Bagergade 16
 5700 Svendborg
 tlf. 29827599